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The History of Dental Implants

Although they seem like a modern invention, dental implants were actually created thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations were known to have used dental implants as long as 4000 years ago! Around this time, the Chinese had discovered a way to insert bamboo pegs into the mouth, replacing missing teeth. Also, in Egypt, citizens were practicing similar styles of dental implant procedures, but with ivory instead. It’s clear that both these civilizations knew, having healthy teeth, meant being a healthy person.

Later, it was also discovered that even the Mayans had been able to repair broken and missing teeth with stone, or carved shells to fit into the spaces. From 600 AD and forward, they had discovered a way to fuse the teeth they had created, to the jawbone itself, for a rather permanent solution similar to how we create dental implants today.
The History of Dental Implants

Today, dental implants have evolved...

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Swedish And Deep Tissue Massage, What’s The Difference

We’ve got very many types of massage therapies including aromatherapy, sports, thai massage, couples, deep tissue, and Swedish massage. But many clients tend to confuse deep tissue and Swedish massage. Let me take this opportunity to clear the air on these two awesome massage therapies.

Deep tissue massage targets the deep tissue structure of the fascia and the muscles also referred to as the connective tissues while Swedish massage focuses on keeping the body relaxed through the use of open hand techniques.

Swedish And Deep Tissue Massage, What’s The Difference.jpg

Deep tissue focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots (adhesions) in the muscle that is to say it uses a lot more pressure to relieve soreness and pain from the muscles. Swedish on the other hand uses limited or controlled pressure to help your muscles to relax and improve blood circulation around the body.

Deep tissue can also break up and eliminate scar...

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Reasons Why You Should Strength Train Your Body

From lifting weights, pumping irons, to simple calisthenics, strength training is vital in keeping your entire health on point. It has far reaching benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels and can be quite ideal in keeping you occupied. If you ain’t convinced then here are some of the top reasons to get down to pumping for your next body workout.

It Burns More Calories

Let’s just say that strength training adds more muscles, boosts your metabolism, and thus turns your body into a more efficient calorie burning machine. Reason being that building muscles takes more energy for your body to use and maintain its muscle cells than it does for the fat cells.

It Helps You To Handle Stress

Body exercise including strength training releases endorphins leaving you feeling better and relaxed. They also reduce on body tension and anxiety thus making it a great remedy for stress. And...

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Make Millions Today With Marijuana Dispensary

The last decade has seen its fair share of a crazy number of millionaires born out of the lucrative pot business. Well the facts have it that as long as you have the right license and operate as a non-profit corporation for instance in California, your marijuana dispensary will be a perfectly legal outfit.

And even though the feds might disturb you from time to time, send you a few threatening letters, turn off your utilities, or scare your landlord into breaking your lease, one thing is for sure on how to open a dispensary.

Make Millions Today With Marijuana Dispensary.jpg

If you have no criminal records in place, none of your employees is a felon, and you are well above 21 years my friend there will be less need to worry if indeed you are running a legal cannabis setup. Just remember to adhere to each and every state policy of the business.

Let me tell you a story of a successful dispensary that I visited in Colorado maybe...

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Is What You’re Using The Right Skin care Product

Last month I attended one of the best capacity building retreats. Well the menu was sumptuous since it all reflected the best skincare food that we could ever have. But it got me thinking – do we even feed our skin with the right skincare products?

If you choose to read on, you will be surprised with what I found out. While our speaker graced the floor, it occurred to me that for a long time I had been using the wrong products for my skin and especially my face.
A great skincare product should in fact have the following in place. A fantastic formula, silky textures, and a result oriented performance. And while many a group might not be aware of these, I narrowed down to one fact – many of us have been misled because of the exaggerated skincare adverts.

Is What You’re Using The Right Skincare Product.jpg

But our speaker began it all out on the right note – the essential body care facts. She called them the basics of a beautiful skin...

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The Importance of a Wrinkle Reducer

People are constantly evolving from the gatherers and hunters we were once in to a society built on face to face interaction, and business. Although wrinkles can be a sign of wisdom and experience, many people try their best to find that youthful look. To most people past 30, the skin starts to lose elasticity and wrinkles start to form, thus creating a need for a wrinkle reducer.

Elastin and collagen

The two elements play a big role in bonding our skin cells together and allow the skin to stretch sand then spring back to its natural state. Mostly elastin and collagen are our body’s natural wrinkle defence and the moment they start becoming less effective at doing their job, it’s upon you to start providing external help in the form of a wrinkle lotion or cream.

The Importance of a Wrinkle Reducer.jpg

The wrinkle production

A good dermatologist will be in a position to tell you that there are both environmental...

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Why Caring For Your Teeth Is Best When Wearing Braces

While eating you may never tell but ideally bits of food tend to be deposited in between your teeth. These bits of food hide bacteria and also form plaque. At worst they might cause injuries to your gums. And eventually if proper care is not taken this could leave you with swollen gums, bad breath, discolored teeth, and at the very end of it all tooth cavities. But you do not want that if you are wearing any ideal sets of orthodontic braces? If so then take your time to keep away plaque with the following tips.

Brush Your Teeth In The Best Way

We all brush our teeth sometimes, I do too. But have you ever taken your time to know how best you can brush every part of your tooth? Or we are all victims of the same design? A little fluoride at the tip of the brush, some irregular motion in the mouth, and we are done.

Why Caring For Your Teeth Is Best When Wearing Braces.jpg

Ideally brushing your teeth has an ideal formula. First of all take...

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Lung Cancer: Caused by Smoking

Smoking is one of the most known vices in the world. Lots of people are getting addicted to this every minute and a lot of people are dying or suffering from complications because of excessive smoking and this doesn’t only include the smoker but as well as the people around him, also known as second-hand smokers.

According to the studies conducted, almost 90% of the people who have Lung Cancer resulted from tobacco use and it is increasing as time passes-by especially that the age range of the people whose smoking are greatly widening. Younger generation started to smoke when what they must be doing is playing around with other kids, this is alarming since the teenagers or even the children have weaker immune system and smoking may cause them greater danger unlike for those who are in their adult years.

Lung Cancer Caused by Smoking.jpeg

In tobacco, there are two primary carcinogens or the chemicals that causes cancer...

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Staying In Touch With The Most Ideal Fitness Retreats

Body workout is usually very important for everyone’s health. That is why having a chance to participate in any form of physical training program that has been well organized by training professionals such as fitness Boot Camp is usually considered as a golden opportunity. Usually the body workout programs in such retreats include the following.

Staying In Touch With The Most Ideal Fitness Retreats.jpg

1. Various forms of muscle stretches and running.

2. Also in most times it will include other forms of plyometrics exercises.

3. It may include ideal types of calisthenics such as push-ups, pull-ups, and press ups.

4. If possible they can also integrate the best types of suspension training.

5. And combine it with any ideal form of cardiovascular training such as aerobics.

But it is the alternating intensity of the boot camps that makes it to be quite beneficial in the following ways.

It will grant any participant a more challenging...

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Tips on How to Survive Ortho Treatments Easily

Orthodontic treatments usually have to do with the acquisition of a brand new set of metal chompers – braces. But as we all know, trips to the ortho can sometimes be a nightmare. Pain, mouth sores, and the inability to eat hard or sticky foods are just some of the difficulties one experiences from receiving ortho treatments. Luckily, there are a number of simple and easy ways to survive a trip to the ortho and grow into chompers.

Brush 3 times a day

While it may be tempting to skip out on brushing regularly, on the account of how difficult it is to brush with braces on, it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene. Brush 2-3 times a day, or after every meal to avoid enamel damage and cavities.

Tips on Surviving Ortho Treatments Easily.jpg

Get special tools for easier oral hygiene

For those hard to reach places, most dentists have interdental brushes ready for you. Try to find fluoride mouth rinse too to keep those teeth...

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