Deep Tissue Massage: Getting the Facts Right from the Onset

Massage therapy is one of the most revered lifestyle practices. It has so many health benefits to the body including some of the following.

• Boosting the circulation of blood and body fluids.
• Reducing stress and stress causing hormones levels.
• Improving the joints and the body’s flexibility.
• Reinvigorating exhausted muscles after a tough job.
• Enhancing the healing process of joints and muscle injury.
• Flushing off the body’s toxins to boost body functionality.
• Reduces edema and back pains in pregnant women.

Well that’s massage therapy for you. However all these benefits are common to various massage therapies and not specific to any; among these massage therapy techniques include the following.

• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Shiatsu
• Thai Massage
• Pregnancy/ Parental Massage
• Couples Massage

All these massage therapy techniques serve different purposes. In fact when applied either differently or combined will have far reaching effects on the person receiving the therapy. Let’s talk about deep tissue massage for instance.

The main areas that deep tissue massage targets are the deep tissue structure of the fascia and connective tissues. It focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots (adhesions). Looking at such a simple fact you will realize that deep tissue massage therapy uses a lot more pressure to relieve soreness and pain from the affected muscles.

Additionally deep tissue can also break up and eliminate scar tissue from previous injuries. This is usually a common problem with people whose stressed muscles block nutrients and oxygen from circulating freely in the body.

In order to provide a client with the best experience for deep tissue massage, an massage therapist must first understand the superficial layers of tissues that have to be worked first and how they fall in place.

Deep tissue also uses acupressure, Swedish massage therapy, and compression to warm up muscles and break down the underlying muscle knots. The only peculiar aspect that deep tissue uses is that it includes the use elbows, fingers, ceramic objects, or even glass tools for optimal penetration through the compact layers of muscles.

It’s no doubt deep tissue massage therapy uses various techniques to provide optimum results. These techniques will include slower massage strokes, and prior muscle warm up tips. Visit this link to learn more about deep tissue massage therapy.


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