Why it is Important to Use Cotton Tampons

Have you wondered about the best type of tampons you could use when that time of the month comes? Most women use the available varieties of hygiene items including pads, menstrual cups as well as tampons. However, organic cotton tampons are the perfect answer to your menstrual problems because you will choose your preferred design at an affordable fee. Having used them for several years, I can attest to their convenience, comfort and reliability. Below are some of the tampons you will need for an instant solution to your problems.

Organic Tampon Try Me Kit-Mini

These change to green organic cotton tampons are soft, free from allergens and made from 100 percent organic cotton. By using these tampons, you will enjoy the following safety benefits:

Organic Tampon Try Me Kit-Regular

If you experience regular flows, this is your perfect choice. These tampons offer you the freedom of choosing from a variety of beautiful colors that match your taste. They come with or without an applicator, and so you will be able to acquire your preferred design. Apart from being from pure cotton, they have a security veil to offer extra protection against shedding. They further have a finger grip groove on their applicators for easy insertion. These cotton tampons are the safest to use due to the following reasons:

Organic Tampon Try Me Kit-Assorted Pack

These tampons come from pure cotton that has certification from the regulatory bodies. They are safe to use because their cotton grows without herbicides or pesticides, genetic engineering or irradiation. With this pack, you will be able to access all the tampon sizes to suit your needs.

Tampon choice is one of the most crucial aspects of feminine hygiene because it is something you use over an extended period. Therefore, getting the most comfortable organic tampon is the best decision you can make. Next time you go shopping, make sure you go the green way and get yourself a pack of these comfortable organic cotton tampons.


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