Seven Simple Tips To Keep Your Bodybuilding Workout Safe And Effective

Are you into a strength training program? If you are then taking absolute caution while training will be very important. This is because any form of resistance training can easily leave you with unexpected injury blow if proper care tips are neglected. The kind of workout that tones muscles, strengthens bones, or increases muscles all fall under this same category. Use these 7 strength building tips to keep a safe and effective training session.

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1.Before you train take your time to warm up. Then take a10 minutes break and get down to your training routine of the day. This will help you to gain a full range of motion and also to warm up your muscles, enhance blood flow, and increase core temp.

2.When exercising, workout at the right tempo. This way you will easily stay in control and avoid compromising strength gains through momentum. Tempos are hard to create but with time you’ll get used to them and find your rhythm really fast.

3.Focus on progression. For you to pack more muscles you need to make your training versatile. In this case you should often challenge your muscles by increasing resistance with weights of forms of exercises.

4.Also monitor your breathing between workouts. When working against resistance, say when you lifting, pushing, or pulling a lift exhale, but when releasing any of your holds you should inhale. Paying attention to your breath helps you to perform efficiently.

5.Know your type of warm up. There are two main types of warm up - aerobic and the dynamic warm up. Aerobics increases your muscle temperature, core temp, and blood flow. It will also help in making the tendons warm. Dynamic on the other hand means warming up the muscle groups that you want to train in order to gain a full range of motion. It works well for the neck, shoulder, and writs.

6.Focus on how you lift the weights than the weight itself. Assuming the right stature when lifting weights will minimize injuries and forms of slow gains. In order to achieve the best form Cindy Landolt, a Personal Trainer in Zurich Switzerland says, you should start out with very light weight and move on progressively.

  1. Finally always give your muscles some time to cool off. This helps the muscles to repair and knit up the tears. A 48 hour rest should therefore be quite ideal.

It is virtually important to remain safe and secure while training. Because of this it is advisable to learn every tip that can help such as these.


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