Little Known Facts about Thai Massage

Today, many people are turning to different types of massage to relieve stress and bodily tension. One of the most popular forms of massage in the world today is Thai massage.

To get the most out of Thai massage, it is important that you understand what it is and how it is performed. This entails having important information such as its origin, techniques used, and its benefits.

History of Thai massage

There are many theories about the beginning of Thai massage. It is believed that Thai massage was discovered less than 3,000 years ago by a physician on the Buddha called Shivago Komparpaj. This is of course the simplest way to put it because no other founders have been associated with the treatment.

According to sources, kumharbhacca was a famous practitioner of Ayurvedic techniques and become a doctor in the community of Buddhist followers and Monks. While travelling, he learnt of Chinese traditional medicine which he blended with Ayurvedic when he arrived in Thailand. At that time, Thailand was the center of trade between Asian countries in the Far East and India. He came up with what would be the four key ingredients of the Thai traditional medicine: spiritual practice, Thai massage, herbal medicine and nutritional medicine.

How Thai massage is performed

Thai massage is different from other types of massage in different ways. A Thai massage has so much to offer than a tradition massage. First, no oils or lotions are used. This makes Thai massage very different from how many westerners perceive massage to be. This is because an aromatic lotion or oil is often used in almost all types of massage therapy that are common in Western countries.

In addition to that, the receiver of the massage receives the massage when fully clothed and rests on a mat on the floor. Thai massage therapist also use more than just their legs and hands to perform the massage. He/she can use the forearm, feet and need to give the massage.

With this type of massage, pressure is applied to sen lines. The receiver of the massage also plays a role performing certain yoga positions. This is the main reason why Thai massage is also referred to as Thai Yoga Massage.

Benefits of Thai massage

Many people today frequent Thai massage Perth just to get a feel and relaxing benefits of Thai massage. You should however note that Thai massage has more benefits to offers than the tradition form of massage.
When Thai massage is performed correctly, it opens the path for self healing for the receiver and the therapist. This is mainly because the goal of this treatment is to induce a balance between the spirit, the body and mind.

There is no doubt that Thai massage has many benefits that you may not get with other forms of massage. It is however important that you find a good Thai massage therapist and prepare well for your first Thai massage by not eating a heavy meal.


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